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  • What to Expect

    At Nassau Veterinary Hospital, we will strive to make your visit comfortable for you, but mostly your pet. Our hospital is designed for the comfort of our patients and we hope the owners feel cared for as well. Our hospital was designed specifically to create a "home environment" to reduce our patients stress. 

    From our friendly and knowledgeable staff to our clean facility, we can bet you have never had a visit to the vet like this before. We endeavor to keep your wait time to a minimum, and offer multiple modes of education you can enjoy while waiting to see the doctor. 

    We encourage questions, and make it a priority to educate you so that you can keep you four-legged friend as healthy and happy as possible. 

    We are strong believers in the human-animal bond, and believe that the only way to truly achieve this is for you to fully understand your furry friend and what motivates them to please you. In light of this, we offer extensive behavior counseling and training sessions with All Dogs Elite training. We see too many dogs become a problem for their owners due to misunderstandings about how dogs think and process information. Sometimes our clients may not understand this and never truly achieve a contended, happy and interactive relationship with their pets. They become a servant to bad behavior. This doesn't have to happen. 

    You can expect that we will be open and honest about the best medical care for your pet, and we will work with you to achieve the best care while keeping an eye out for any financial constraints you may have. We offer different payment options to allow you to maximize your ability to give your pet the optimal care they deserve. You can be assured that our philosophy and mission statement are not motivated by money. 

    You can expect that we will be compassionate. We are animal lovers and understand the important role that our pets play in our lives. We will never be judgmental, and will honor your wishes about how the care of your pet is accomplished. 

    You can expect that we hope to develop a friendship with you and your pet. We hope to warrant your trust so that together as a team we can make the best possible decisions regarding your pet's health and longevity.